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Archive for July, 2015

Lixotinic Vitamin / Mineral Supplement

Lixotinic Vitamin/Mineral Supplement can be used in taxing situations such as racing, traveling, debilitation, gestation/foaling and finicky eaters.

Purina Proud: See What Purina Can Do For Your Horse

Find out how you can participate in the Purina Proud 60 day feeding trial and save money on Purina Horse Feed.

Clear The Shelter Day August 15th

free pet adoption at clear the shelter day on august 15

2015-2016 Texas Hunting Seasons

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has published the dates for the Texas Hunting Seasons 2015-2016.

Control Flying Insects with Tempo SC Ultra

Pasturas Los Alazanes carries the premise spray Tempo Sc Ultra by Bayer for fly and insect control.





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