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Archive for January, 2016

Prestige 6 Way Equine Vaccine

Protect your horse's health with the Prestige 6 Way Equine Vaccine, now available at Pasturas Los Alazanes.  Purchase Prestige V + VEE (3 ...

Pet Vaccines At Pasturas

Keep your pets healthy with Pet Vaccines from Pasturas Los Alazanes. We offer canine and feline single-syringe vaccinations, to keep ...

Impaction Colic and Hydration In Horses

With the recent cold snap, we’ve had several questions pertaining to impaction colic and hydration,  due from lack of ...

EquiNile West Nile Virus Vaccine

EquiNile West Nile Virus Vaccine by Merck, is available at Pasturas Los Alazanes. Protect your horses from the West Nile Virus ...

Horse Hoof Care Is Vital

Horse hoof care is vital in the development and activity of your horse. Hoof health affects the ability to run, ...

Fowl Pox Vaccine – Poxine

Vaccinate your  flock against Fowl Pox disease with Poxine, now available at Pasturas Los Alazanes.  Poxine is used in the ...





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