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West Feeds Egg Maker

West Feeds Egg Maker - For laying hens. This is a  20% crude protein-laying ration in a 1/8” micro pellet to be ...

West Feeds Whole Deer Corn

Whole deer corn is  “triple cleaned” feed to meet all the state requirements concerning aflatoxin limits. Available in a 50 pound ...


Buy quality poultry feed at Pasturas Los Alazanes in Dallas, TX

West Game Rooster Conditioner

West Game Rooster Conditioner is a 16% crude protein, loose mix of corn, milo, oats, roasted soybeans, black oil sunflower seed, alfal ...

Econo Creep by West Feed

Econo Creep by West Feed Calf Creep is a 14% economy pellet for growth promotion and feed efficiency.


Pasturas Los Alazanes is your south Dallas location for deer feed, game fish and wild bird feeds.


Find the right Purina feed formula for your horse or equine herd at Pasturas Los Alazanes


Pasturas los Alazanes sells quality feed for cattle in Dallas, Texas.





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