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Peacocks For Sale in Dallas at Pasturas Los Alazanes

We frequently have Peacocks for sale in Dallas at Pasturas Los Alazanes. If you’re looking for a peacock and peahen pair for either your enjoyment or breeding program, give us a call at (469) 386-9360. If we don’t have peafowl in stock, we can special order year round.

New to raising peacocks? Naturally, wild peafowl consumes an omnivorous diet composed of both animals, insects, and vegetation. Popular feed items for the peacock include ants, small rodents, seeds and small reptiles. When raised in captivity, domestic peafowl is often fed a commercial bird and poultry feed while also feeding upon natural material while foraging and free ranging. Many folks who raise peafowl in their backyard feed peacocks cracked grain such as oats and corn. Peafowl can also be fed bird seed, insects, and other items found in a pasture or green space.

At Pasturas Los Alazanes, we carry a large assortment of bulk grains, custom blended bird feed, poultry feeds and wild game bird feed suited for peacocks. Stop by Pasturas Los Alazanes for all your pet, bird and livestock supplies and feeds. We’ve got THREE locations to serve you in Dallas, Balch Springs and our newest store located in Forrest Hills, Texas.

4 Responses to “Peacocks For Sale in Dallas at Pasturas Los Alazanes”

  1. Ann Blodgett says:

    Hello, I am making an inquiry to purchase peacocks for our ranch in Whitewright, TX. I came across your website and noticed that you are located within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Are your female and male bird pair (3 year olds) still available? If not, do you have others available for sale? Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you, Ann
    972-896-0544 cell or text

    • Karen Wucher says:

      Hello Ann,

      We just got peacocks back in stock at our Dallas location. We have 4-month-old birds that can be sold in pairs or individually. Please give us a call at (972) 557-1344 if we can be of assistance. Thank you!

  2. Spring says:

    I was wondering if you have any more peahens and if so what their prices are.


  3. Marva Townes says:

    I need a female for my male. He is 7yrs old. I raised him from his egg. I lost my female and wish to replace her. I hope you can help. Please email me if so the Forrest Hill location would be closest as I live in Whitney.

    Thank YOu Marva Townes

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