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AntlerMax & Deer Corn For Supplemental Feeding

Get ready for hunting season at Pasturas Los Alazanes. Before you head to the deer lease, pick up Fresh, Whole Deer Corn and Purina AntlerMax Mineral Supplement at one of our two locations in Dallas and Balch Springs!

Whole Deer Corn By West Feeds

Our Whole Deer Corn Sale is going on now! Deer corn is an overall favorite for whitetail deer, and it is a favorite among most hunters as well because of its low cost and high effectiveness. Whether used in a feeder or simply put in a pile on a high traffic area, deer corn can be a great way to attract deer.

Whole Corn 50# just $7.50 per bag 

Purina AntlerMax

antlermaxThis is antler growth season and deer need high-quality nutrition in order for maximum antler growth. As natural food sources are low this time of year, deer will be looking for supplemental feed sources wherever they can be found. Pasturas Los Alazanes proudly stocks the following AntlerMax formulas and can special order all AntlerMax products for pickup at the store.

  • AntlerMax® Deer 20 with Climate Guard
    Researched 20% ration, with the addition of new Climate Guard™ supplement, specifically reformulated for what free-range deer require to support overall health, reproductive performance, and antler growth.
  • AntlerMax® Water Shield® Deer 20
    20%-protein, water-resistant pelleted ration designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet. The high protein content supports top performance with AntlerMax® Technology to support optimal antler growth in bucks, reproductive success and abundant milk production in does, and supports optimum growth and healthy development in fawns. Specifically formulated for what free-range deer require to support overall health, reproductive performance, and antler growth. The Water Shield® technology is a water resistance process that helps repel moisture and designed to result in reduced waste and labor associated with water damage.
  • AntlerMax® Breeder Textured 17-6 with Climate Guard
    AntlerMax® Deer Breeder Textured 17-6 Feed, now containing new Climate Guard™ supplement, is a highly fortified textured ration for confined deer designed to meet the extra nutritional demands of high-scoring bucks during antler development. This diet is also uniquely designed to supply extra nutrition to deer during their life stages when nutritional requirements are accelerated: does during lactation; does and bucks regaining body weight after the rut; and deer regaining body condition following periods of reduced intake due to climatic factors or illness. It is also an excellent creep and weaning ration for fawns.

Come on by our store today and pick up your Whole Deer Corn and AntlerMax. We also carry a selection of wildlife feeds, blocks, and food plot seed.

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