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Baby Chicks Available at Pasturas Dallas

Chicks Jan 4Baby Chicks are available at Pasturas Los Alazanes, in Dallas. The baby chicks are mixed breed and sell for $3.50 each.

While you’re picking out your chicks, Pastura Los Alazanes has everything you need to raise a happy flock! See us for all your poultry supplies: feed, heaters, feeders and waterers, bedding, and chicken coops, too. Pasturas Los Alazanes has it!

Keeping chickens, weeks 2-3

With a clean brooder, fresh feed and clean water, your chicks are settled in and off to a good start by weeks two and three. It’s time to enjoy them. Chicks are very social and will provide hours of entertainment. You will see their unique personalities emerge as each day goes by and they will grow into mature chickens before you know it.

Now, listen to them.  Chicks will emit a soft cheeping sound when everything is right in their world. This sound can be used as a means of determining their comfort status. A chick that is stressed due to conditions being too hot or cold, wet litter, or one that is hungry or thirsty will have a shrill or higher pitched cheep or may cheep very rapidly. Translate this as a call for help and look for the problem.


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