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Big & J Long Range Attractants and Supplements

big & J Gear up for hunting season with Big & J Long Range Attractants and Supplements from Pasturas Los Alazanes. Big & J is the leader hunting attractants and supplements. Their all natural supplement and pungent attractants draw deer and hogs in from far and wide. Draw ’em in closer this hunting season with the help of Big & J and Pasturas Los Alazanes.

Pre-season mineral supplements for building big deer.

  • Legit®  – A true mineral, not just a glorified salt, and its powerful aroma will attract deer from far and wide!
  • Meltdown – The unique mineral mix literally melts down when you add water, sending off vapors to attract deer.


Supercharged Attractants

  • Deadly Dust – Supercharge ordinary field corn with Deadly Dust, the attractant made from real sweet corn which is 5 times sweeter than field corn!
  • Liquid Lick – Attract deer in short order with the long-range attractant you pour!


#1 Selling Attractants

  • BB2 Granular  – The revolutionary long-range attractant that brings the big bucks out and keeps deer on your property!
  • BB2 Cube – The highest protein and lowest salt content of any consumption block available today!
  • To Die For – A long-range attractant that gives deer both what they want and what they need. Combination of BB2 and Sweet Corn.


A liquid & granular attractant specifically for hog hunters.

  • Pigs Dig It– Granular attractant with a strong aroma attracts pigs from farther away.
  • Hogs Hammer It – Liquid attractant that drives hogs wild!


Pick up Big & J attractants, deer feeders and deer corn at Pasturas Los Alazanes.

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