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Feed Farnam Weight Builder For Added Calories

Does your horse have trouble maintaining weight?

Possible causes:

  • Stress of training or competition
  • Recovery from illness or injury
  • Metabolic deficiencies

Feeding extra grain to provide weight gain can create other problems: Hyper-activity. Digestive upset. Diarrhea. Founder. Even colic.

Weight BuilderThere’s a better way with Weight Builder™ by Farnam:

  • A revolutionary feed supplement that contains over twice the calories found in an equal amount of grain — but with none of the dangers!

Weight Builder™ Premium Concentrated Feed Supplement

  • Less is more – and add calories without feeding extra grain
  • High-calorie supplement rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Supports skin and coat condition while providing fuel for performance
  • Helps maintain calcium:phosphorus ratio
  • Available in 8 lb and 28 lb sizes

Stop by Pasturas Los Alazanes for everything you need to keep your horse healthy!

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