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Kerckhaert Horse Shoe Racing Plates

Kerckhaert Horse Shoe Racing Plates are now available at Pasturas Los Alazanes in Dallas and Balch Springs, Texas. Kerckhaert is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of horseshoes, committed to product innovation and quality for over 100 years. Kerckhaert Horseshoes are shaped, punched and finished to suit the purpose for which they were intended. Better material and design makes for better-finished work.

Pick up the following styles of Kerchahaert Racing Plates at Pasturas Los Alazanes.

Standardbred Racing Plates

Legendary Racing Plates

  • Legendary XT – is the latest edition to the Kings Race program. Designed especially for the thoroughbred race horse with a more narrow hoof which is straighter in the quarters.
  • Legendary Regular Toe – Combined with the Legendary XT front, this shoe gives the farrier that prefers a slightly thicker shoe an option for extra strength.

Kings Plate Racing Plates

  • Kings Plate (Flush Toe) – is used in turf racing and is often used in the early training stages of the race horse.
  • Kings XT – Commonly used by trainers when horses may race either on turf or dirt.
  • Kings Low Toe – offers another option for dirt tracks.
  • Kings Regular Toe – is used primarily on dirt tracks.
  • Kings Degree XT – is designed to provide extra lift for the hoof that has very little heel length and where
    the hoof tends to grow forward.
  • Kings Plate Outer Rim – front shoes have the same excellent shape, design and all other strong options as the Kings style. This design has the perfect shape for most thoroughbred and quarter horses.

Tradition Series Racing Plates 

  • Tradition XT – 2mm toe grab, allowed on turf and synthetic tracks throughout North America.
  • Tradition Low Toe – 3.9mm toe grab, allowed on all dirt tracks and some synthetic surfaces in North America.
  • Traditional Regular Toe – 5.5mm toe grab, allowed on most dirt tracks. Commonly used on front feet of racing Quarter Horses.

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