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Purina Lifestyle Equine Services at Pasturas

Did you know Pasturas offers Purina Equine Services? If you are wondering about what nutritional goals you and your horses need to have or considering changes in your feeding program, Pasturas Los Alazanes and Purina would be happy to work through some options and review the nutritional value and cost analysis with you. If you have a question about your horse’s nutrition or have a preferred date and time you’d like our Purina LPN, Haylee to stop out, please let us know. Contact: Haylee Lavoie, Purina Animal Nutrition 307-840-4498 [email protected]
Free services provided by Pasturas Los Alazanes Feed Store & Purina Animal Nutrition:
  • Free Feeding trials
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Cost Analysis
  • Forage testing
  • Ration formulations & projections
  • Horse body score consultations
  • Meetings/events within the community and more!

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