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Purina Free Balance 12:12 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Purina Free BalancePick up Purina Free Balance 12:12 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement at Pasturas Los Alazanes. Today’s horses are typically limited to a single type of forage in one geographic area. Pastures in the same area or even different sections of the same pasture can have inadequate and/or inconsistent nutrient values. Grains such as oats and corn also have inadequate and/or variable amounts of protein, minerals, and vitamins. So horses need help to achieve the nutritional balance they once derived naturally.


For horses who are not receiving a balanced concentrate feed, the highly palatable Purina® Free Balance® 12:12 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement provides the added vitamins and minerals needed to balance a pasture or hay-only diet. Purina® Free Balance® 12:12 is also available in a 40-pound block.



  • Granular Technology Delivery System™
    Loose Mineral contains Granular Technology Delivery System™ that provides weather resistance and the availability of readily absorbable essential nutrients.
  • Vitamins and Minerals
    Provides 100% of the required nutrients for horses when fed as directed* so no additional supplements are necessary. *Based on “Nutrient Requirements of Horses Sixth Revised Edition – 2007” published by the National Research Council.
  • Added Antioxidants
    Vitamin C and Vitamin E help reduce the damaging effects of “free radicals” and support the immune system.
  • Feed with Hay or Pasture
    Purina Free Balance® 12:12 mineral is designed to be fed with hay and/or pasture.
  • Feed Guard® Nutrition System
    The FeedGuard® Nutrition System is one of the industry’s most innovative and exacting quality assurance programs. FeedGuard®Nutrition System can help deliver the trust, quality and performance that horse professionals demand every day.

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