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Purina Goat Mineral For Animal Health

Purina Goat Mineral For Animal HealthPick up Purina Goat Mineral at Pasturas Los Alazanes. Goats require several specific minerals for basic body function and optimum production. Goats should have access to trace mineral salt containing selenium at all times. A complete mineral supplement, such as Purina Goat Mineral formulated especially for goats is also recommended during certain seasons when forage may be sparse and during peak production levels. Purina Coat Mineral contains magnesium that will help stave off Grass Tetany.

Purina Goat Mineral is a uniquely formulated supplement rich in nutrients essential to the proper development and well-being of goats of all ages and breeds.

Features & Benefits

  • Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D -Supports proper development of bones and optimal milk production
  • Coarse particle -Minimal waste and dust
  • Copper and zinc – Vibrant skin
  • Potassium, sodium, sulfur, Iron, cobalt, iodine, and manganese –For overall good health
  • Vitamin A –Helps support reproduction and vibrant eyes
  • Vitamin E and selenium –Antioxidants that help muscle development

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