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Purina Sheep Mineral with ClariFly. Red and white Purina feed bag.Purina Sheep Mineral with ClariFly insect growth regulator is designed for continuous free-choice feeding to sheep through the fly season to prevent the emergence of house flies and stable flies from manure of treated sheep. This economical and palatable meal mineral contains added selenium and provides the proper 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio to help reduce the incidence of urinary calculi in sheep.

Feed Purina® Sheep Mineral or Purina® Sheep Mineral with ClariFly® free choice to sheep receiving rations composed largely of grass hay or to sheep grazing range or grass pastures. Optimum intake is 0.25 to 0.75 ounces per head daily.




Features & Benefits

  • ClariFly® feed-through larvacide
    Helps inhibit the development of mature flies and helps reduce fly irritation
  • Calcium and phosphorus
    Supports skeletal growth and optimum performance
  • Fortified vitamins and trace minerals
    Supports growth and overall health
  • Vitamin E and selenium
    Supports reproduction and performance in selenium-deficient areas
  • Palatable, digestible diet
    Helps optimize feed intake

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