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Purina SuperSport Amino Acid Supplement

Purina Supersport at Pasturas Los Alazanes in Dallas, Texas.Keep your horses in top form with Purina SuperSport, amino acid supplement.

Purina Animal Nutrition SuperSport amino acid supplement is a scientifically formulated amino acid formula proven to support equine performance and overall fitness.  Purina® SuperSport™ amino acid supplement is scientifically formulated and demonstrated in published research to support:

  • •  Faster muscle recovery
  • •  Increased exercise capacity
  • •  Supported muscle development
  • •  Maintained optimal performance



Feeding Directions

Top-dress supplement over regular feed ration. Maybe fed once daily or divided into multiple feedings.

Daily Feeding Amount of SuperSport™ Supplement
Horse Bodyweight* (lbs) Number of ounces when measured by weight Number of standard 8-oz. kitchen measuring cups when measured by volume
750 6 1
1000 8 1 1/3
1250 10 1 2/3
1500 12 2

*Round up to nearest bodyweight category.

Feeding up to twice the recommended daily amount may benefit horses in intense training. However, this double feeding rate should not be exceeded.

When fed as recommended, SuperSportTM supplement will provide no more than 0.3 ppm selenium to the total diet.

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