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Quail For Sale In Dallas At Pasturas Los Alazanes

Looking for quail chicks for sale in Dallas? Quail chicks are now available at Pasturas Los Alazanes in Dallas. Pick up baby quail for $2.00 each, and Button Quail for $3.00, while supplies last.  People raise quail chicks for the same reasons they raise other kinds of poultry: meat, eggs, and pleasure. Raising quail is inexpensive, easy, provides very healthy low-fat white meat, and supplies the fertilizer you need for your home garden.  And did you know, quail are not considered poultry, so you may be able to raise these birds in areas that restrict backyard poultry?

At Pasturas, we’ve got everything you need to start raising quail. Come see us for feed, waterers, fencing, heat lamps, supplements, treats and MORE. New to raising quail? Ask our experts, we’re here to help.

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