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Rodent Control Products From Pasturas

rodent controlGot a rodent control problem? To successfully control your rodent problem it’s important to know exactly what type of rodent you’re dealing with. Whether you have just one mouse or an infestation of rats, knowing your enemy is the first step to taking back your home or barn.  At Pasturas Los Alazanes, we recommend Just One Bite, Jaguar All-Weather, Tomcat, Rodentex, and Ramik Bait for rodent control. With products designed for inside and outside your home or barn, we’re sure you’ll find the right product to fit your needs.

Just One Bite Bar – Individually wrapped bars can be broken into 2 oz mini-bars for multiple placements.

Jaguar All-Weather Bait Chunx – Kills in a single feeding and is the best bait for challenging infestations. It contains the active ingredient Brodifacoum (singe-feeding anti-coagulant) and is very palatable. Chunx® weigh 20 grams each.

Ramik Bars and Bait – Kills Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice. Contain 0.005% diphacinone. Mold and moisture-resistant can be used in wet or dry areas.

Tomcat with Bromethalin Bait Chunx – Contains the premium active ingredient Bromethalin, excellent for proven control of high rodent populations and severe infestations.

Rodentex Multi-Feed Bars – Rodenticide that kills Norway rats, roof rats and house mice in and around homes, and commercial and agricultural buildings. Multiple-feeding, all-weather bait bars kill rodents in just 6-8 days.



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