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Tifton Hay Now Available At Pasturas Los Alazanes

tifton hayTifton hay is now available at Pasturas Los Alazanes.  Tifton  Bermuda Grass Hay provides high protein and low sugars for easy digestibility.

Roughage should be the primary source of a horse’s nutritional intake. Tifton  is a Bermuda grass hybrid and is an excellent roughage source for horses because it has the highest protein content, the highest digestibility and the lowest  sugar content of any grass hay. Tifton is an ideal hay to feed almost any horse, but especially those horses who require a very low sugar diet, such as those diagnosed with insulin resistance, Cushings, and laminitis (founder).

Pick up Tifton Hay and all your equine feeds and supplies at Pasturas Los Alazanes in Dallas and Balch Springs.

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