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Vaccinating Your Horse Against Equine Flu

Equine InfluenzaIf your horse travels to shows or meets up with other horses with any frequency it is a good idea to have them vaccinated against equine influenza. Equine flu is a virus that is constantly changing and adapting. As a result, flu vaccines are always being updated to include the latest strains of the virus. Frequent boosters are required to maintain immunity.

Equine flu has similar symptoms to the human flu:

  • High fevers
  • Lethargy
  • Watery nasal discharge and cough

Humans can spread the virus by touching a sick horse and then touching another horse through hands or even clothing and equipment.

The vaccination consists of 3 courses and horses are considered safe within 7 days of the second vaccine dose. A booster is needed within 1 year of vaccination. Otherwise a whole new course will need to be re-started.

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