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Wild Bird Seed At Pasturas

Bird SeedIt’s a beautiful scene to look outside your window and see a unique wild bird eating out of a bird feeder you planted in your backyard. Wild Bird feeding is a great educational tool for your family. It teaches the importance of becoming more environmentally aware while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors in your own backyard. Pasturas Los Alazanes carries a variety of wild bird feeds that will keep the birds coming back for more. Here are a few of our grains and wild bird seed blends we carry here at Pasturas Los Alazanes:

Cockatiel Mix Blend –  Lifelong nutrition using a fortified blend of seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables for happy birds.

Canary Bird Seed Blend  – Vitamin and mineral-enriched pellets also contain feather conditioners designed to give your bird strong, bright feathers.

Striped sunflower seed – sometimes called “stripers,” are larger than black oil sunflower seeds and have a thicker shell. Their larger size and thicker shell make them harder to eat for small birds, but larger birds like cardinals, jays, woodpeckers, and grosbeaks have no problem breaking through to the delectable nutmeat inside.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds – When compared to striped sunflower seeds, black oil sunflower seeds are meatier and have a higher oil content, giving birds more nutrition and calories in every bite. Black oil seeds also have thinner shells, making them easier for small birds to crack.

Safflower – Safflower seed is high in protein. It can be used in any type of a bird feeder such as: tube feeders for house finch, Chickadees, and nuthatches, elevated feeders for Blue Jays, Cardinals, and other Grosbeaks, and on ground feeders for doves. Fill you feeder with Safflower and keep the Squirrels and Grackles away.

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